The Brand

 Oregon Made

After spending the last 20 years working for local agencies in the community, I sat with myself for a while to figure out what made sense for the current stage of life, what made me feel alive, what tools am I using to be grounded and how can I share it with the world. I created a list of things that I enjoyed doing over the years, tools I've picked up along the way, and what I really felt a connection to. The answer was my skin, what I put on it, what enhanced its beauty, what made it feel good, and what made me feel good about it as a whole. I battled acne and extremely oily skin for years prior to going on a journey of optimal health. 

 After spending hundreds of dollars trying products to better my skins outward health, I remembered a formula I had concocted years ago when my baby had spots of eczema, the formula became the base for Mine By Marisha and the catalyst for creating a brand that would target skin healing from the spiritual level to the outward appearance. 

I committed myself to finding vendors with high quality plant based earth friendly  ingredients for my own products, amazing brands for jewelry, aromatherapy, and home. 

I have also completed an esthetics program and will be documenting my journey back into the world of entrepreneurship. All products are brought to you with the best ingredients and intentions possible.

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